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Jannie 5 days ago

Pork Bacon

My bacon was properly well done and tasty. Perfect with my honey butter biscuits. 😋 Jannie MBW

Lhhrose 6 days ago

Deep Fried Salmon Hash

I was skeptical about this dish for 2 reasons (1. I thought it would be heavy due to the salmon being fried 2. Everybody can't make grits), I was completely wrong. The size of the salmon is good (medium not a baby piece). The outside of the salmon is crisp and seasoned well without it being hard and the inside of the salmon is moist and perfectly flaky which states a lot about their cooking skills. I also appreciated the greens mixed into the dish. This dish leaves you full, but you don't feel as if you are about to enter a coma. The grits have a wonderful seasoning and the cheese is mixed in really well to the point that they still tasted good the next day when I ate my leftovers (which says a lot for grits). Milk & Honey does really well with their seasoning so you can taste/savor it and not feel as if you've just dumped a bottle of salt in your mouth (for which I'm extremely grateful). I added eggs to my meal and they were great, but the salmon and grits stole the show. The portion size is normal for brunch, you can have leftovers depending upon how hungry you are/how large are the portions you typically eat. Different note - Customer service is pretty good at this location.

Keemar 10 days ago

Crab Hash

Best food ever crab hash is my favorite!

Myrona 11 days ago


A dear friend actually bought me the Award winning Shrimp and Grits dish as a thank you for a job well done. I recently worked tirelessly on producing a video production for her non-profit company, and as a thank you, the next day she bought me and my family food from your establishment. She didn't mention where it was from - but as soon as I took the first bite, I knew I had to know where this bowl of heaven came from. It was so good, that I didn't want to finish it, but couldn't stop eating it either. Every bite was pure joy, and I was shocked at how happy each bite made me feel inside. This dish has set the bar extremely high for any competitors out there. Pure perfection! (if they ever decide to rebrand this dish, you may want to consider renaming it "smack yo mama shrimp & grits" - it's that good...)

Whitetanika5 15 days ago

Salmon Hash

I had the deep fried salmon and hash!!! It was the best seafood/salmon dish I have ever eaten! I live in Pa, and do t know when I will plan to go to Atlanta again... but I will definitely try the Maryland locations!

Tahjmbrown 16 days ago

Shrimp & Grits

Award winning Shrimp and Grits! Listen, simply divine and right on time. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience. From service to the actual food was splendid. Me and my guest kept expressing the vibe we enjoyed. However, the food was simply heart warming. Milk and Honey is beyond amazing, it's "humbleness eating" at its finest! Thank you for such an awesome experience!

Kimberly 16 days ago

Maryland Style Crab Cake

One of my favorites!

Kelleywoodruff 18 days ago

Vanilla & Cognac French Toast

So delicious! You can really taste the vanilla. It's unlike anything I've tasted.

Guest 19 days ago

Deep Fried Salmon & Grits

OMG! I wanted a waffle, but didnt really want chicken, so I got the deep fried salmon. Let Me Tell You when I say amazing! The outside crust was perfectly crunchy and seasoned. By the looks and taste of the crunchy outside, i just mnew the salmkn would be dry and overcooked. But, when I tell you Scrumptious, please believe! It was crunchy and tasty on the outside and flaky and moist on the inside. I was amazed! And Very Happy!

Crystal 20 days ago

Lobster, Egg & Cheese Biscuit

The food is amazing

Tyehall24 23 days ago

Crab Hash

Today was my first time here. I ordered the crab hash and the Belgian waffle. The food was delicious! Seasoned to perfection. The brunch punch is a must! The staff was amazing. Even in the midst of a pandemic, everything was flawless. I will visit again, very soon.

Khutch0767 26 days ago

Berries & Cream French Toast

Awesome food and professional staff! Can't say enough about this place. I'm putting the establishment in my book. Look for plugs for this awesome establishment in my crime thriller.

Davontemother 27 days ago


I almost tried the whole dish EXCEPT for the crab hash which I would be trying THIS WEEKEND I love you guys, you always make me and my son so happy when we are starving lol all we can think of is YOU. I would love to win that $500 to bring my boyfriend here on his birthday November 24th to try this menu. He told me he's NEVER BEEN HERE, he's turning 25 and I know he loves food lol so this would be the best birthday present ever for him, me & my son 💙. Thanks MILK & Honey your food is amazing and your team member are spectacular 🥳

Alethea 27 days ago

Deep Fried Salmon & Grits

Travelling and passing through. Was referred to breakfast spot by a friend. Had the deep fried salmon and grits. Omg! Reminded me of the good food i had back home in New Orleans. I will definitely stop again when passing through!

Anae17692 29 days ago

Belgian Waffle

the best i swear ill spend all my money on this ‼️🍴🔥😋

Lachae2011 30 days ago

Deep Fried Salmon & Grits

The Salmon and Grits are delicious!! And the Deep Fried biscuits were so good, I had to order some to go!!!! If you haven't had the food here - you're missing out!!

Raineykaailyha about 1 month ago

Deep Fried Party Wings

I love how they was cooked, the place was nice good service and I will be going back

Micjpmaya1970 about 1 month ago

Blackened Salmon & Grits

The food is iut of this world. great quality great service

Rsawyer127 about 1 month ago

Lobster, Egg & Cheese Biscuit

Milk and Honey was recommend to me by a former colleague last year. I was also too busy, but during the pandemic I finally made time to try a Milk & Honey. The food was so delicious, and made me feel as though I was home, but had travelled at the same time. I can tell the food is made with love. I ordered 2 other times, but I'm going to start giving myself a limit. I'm telling you, you will be going back for more.

Msniquesmith about 1 month ago

Crab Hash

The food was absolutely AMAZING! The best place for a really nice and special occasion breakfast. I received my dish loaded which came with a cluster of friend crab legs and my husband got a fried lobster tail. The food had so much flavor and the presentation looked like something out of a magazine. I will def be back to this place.

Preciousempinder 5 days ago

Vanilla & Cognac French Toast

I order the vanilla cognac French toast and the honey butter biscuit with a side. Of bacon the biscuit was heavenly Howe my French toast wasn't done inside but everything was amazing

Aisha 7 days ago


3 yrs. ago my husband and I dined at the Milk and Honey in College Park, MD for a brunch date. We ordered the lobster and grits, Milk and Honey Award-Winning Shrimp and Grits, and the crab hash and we topped it off with a drink. Everything was delicious. I even thought the seating arrangement was pretty cool. You get to meet and laugh with new people if you want or just keep your face in that delicious food with no word. I loved the food and we are planning to order again soon. I would highly recommend Milk and Honey in College Park to all ages who are looking for some good eats.

Mathewsbryant92 10 days ago

Belgian Waffle

The waffle they made was outstanding as well as the chicken fire to a perfection. It such I had to get my food to go due to COVID tho other than that 10/10.

Lachellemack 12 days ago

Deep Fried Salmon Hash

Mouth watering delectable Goodness on a plate. The kind of meal that makes you feel like you're making love with every bite. Leaving you with an empty plate and complete satisfaction

Klarts229 15 days ago

Deep Fried Salmon Hash

Yesterday was my first but will not be my last time visiting Milk and Honey. The food was well worth the wait. I was in complete culinary heaven when my food arrived. The cheesy grits and deep fried salmon hash were EVERYTHING! Cannot wait to drive back 2hrs for an amazing meal!

Kimberly 16 days ago

Honey Butter Biscuit

Unbelievably good! I find myself craving these!!

Jackielacey44 17 days ago

Shrimp & Grits

Best Shrimp and Grits i have ever had. With all my favorite ingredients.. I had Shrimp, Grits, Turkey Sausage and Fried Green Tomatoes, It was absolutely perfect.

Sreneewilcoxson 18 days ago

Blackened Salmon & Grits

My friend and I were first time patrons and absolutely loved it!!! The salmon, grits, and bourbon French toast were beyond amazing!!! We were both impressed with our meals and I even ordered a salmon and grits one to go ( it was still amazing when I ate it 2 days later for lunch!!!!!!!). The grits were perfectly creamy, the Salmon was marinated perfectly(infusing the most amazing ingredients) and the portions were incredible!! My friend and I embrace health conscious lifestyles and our meals did not make us feel full or stuffed. I bragged on this meal soo much that I have sent a few ppl there and even going with my brother this weekend!!! This place is amazing and I'm soo glad I followed the chef on Insta and did not confuse this location with another restaurant with a similar name...WE ATE AT THE LOCATION ON MAIN STREET IN COLLEGE PARK...We both felt comfortable with the social distancing precautions so kudos to the amazing chef and staff... my only downside was sitting near the pickup area for to go orders but the food was soo good and the staff was getting patrons in and out soo quickly that we didn't have time to pay too much attention.

Jayama62 19 days ago

Crab Hash

I got the crab hash and like a glutton, the berry french toast. Both were scrumptious. The french toast was so thick and moist and delicious. It wasnt overly eggy or sweet, just right. The crab hash was full of crab and so yummy. Even though it was take-out, there was plenty of it, you know how sometimes the take-out container looks like less than the in restaurant plate? I was able to fill-up and share. I've had the crab hash before, but this was the first time for the french toast ... it wont be the last. I love Milk n Honey! Great place for brunch and more.

Ginelle 22 days ago


Soo Delicious! I love the grits and shrimp

Authoryasmine 25 days ago

Deep Fried Salmon & Grits

***The Real Milk & Honey Atlanta The service and food we're both impeccable. Upon arrival, I was seated at a clean, socially distant table and provided utensils. The server for my area was busy, but another server promptly assisted me and took my order. My food arrived and not only was the presentation beautiful, but the taste was savory. I ordered the salmon and grits. The portion was plentiful and so damn delectable, every bite melted in my mouth. This was my first visit. I've been telling everyone about this jewel. GREAT food, clean welcoming environment and superb service. Literally crack on a plate. I can't wait to go back.

Driven2bgreat 26 days ago

Shrimp & Grits

Omg!! When I tell YOU, yes YOU that this place is TRULY the land of Milk and Honey! Don't play with them. And don't play yourself by not visiting this BLACK OWNED BUSINESS and enjoying every morsel of food that touches your lips. Trust me. TRM&H is THE REAL DEAL HOLYFIELD!! That first bite?! My Lawd, I almost had to be resuscitated. Don't just take my word for it... follow me on IG @BrittInnerBeauty and stop by to get your life changed. PERIOD!!

Dare92190 27 days ago

Berries & Cream French Toast

Everything was made to perfection. I live across the street from this restaurant and i must say i never had a bad experience with them. The staff is also very polite

Carlton 28 days ago

Deep Fried Salmon Hash

Great food

Candice 30 days ago

Berries & Cream French Toast

The absolute best French toast I've ever had in my life!!! ❤️❤️❤️

La Tasha 30 days ago

Deep Fried Salmon & Grits

I had the Salmon hash. This was the first time I've had fried salmon and it was great. It was so moist and the flavors went great together. I will definitely be back!

Shy914 about 1 month ago

Strawberry Shortcake Deep Fried Biscuits

My, My, My...lemme tell you something. These biscuits blessed my life. I've never heard of or been to this restaurant until a week ago. Baby when I say you'll be back, you might wanna find out if they hiring!!! Deeeeelicious😍😍😘😘

Lorraine about 1 month ago


My WORD and Lord Have Mercy!!!! I lived in Louisiana pre-Katrina and frequented Commanders Palace, Brennans, and Chez Helene's. For three years I lived in a world food mecca. For 0ver years, I have tried to find those authentic tastes. but to no avail until Monday, September 21st at 9:45am. The grits were the canvass upon which the rich Cajun gravy rivuleted with peek-a-boo turkey sausage rings and large shrimp. Those rich flavors transported me back to Grandma Annie's kitchen filled with food, fellowship, and life lessons. I got lost and had to remind myself that I was in a public establishment. My toes curled and I sang a song of contentment. But then I re-heated my leftovers for dinner at 7pm and it tasted better since the Cajun gravy had done its job of nestling into every nook and cranny of the pillowy grits. Those still held their creamy consistency despite being re-heated and the shrimp was still succulent. I thought I might have to lock myself in the bedroom in case I was asked to share. Wee done, Milk and Honey Cafe. Well Done!

Tyesem about 1 month ago


This was my first time eating there, I loved my dish. OOOH! My! Goodness! The grits was like velvet oh! soooo creamy and seasoned to perfection. I will try other dishes but, Those shrimps, sausage and grits are like heaven to my soul. That's going to be my all time fav from your restaurant. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Yolanda about 1 month ago

Crab Hash

I was very pleased that my food was hot when I picked it up and stayed warm during my 30 minute drive home. Everything was perfect and delicious


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